Hi there!

I’m Hilary. I’m a full-time remote worker, product marketer and project manager living on the East Coast of Canada.

I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a freelancer. I’m not a digital nomad.

I don’t bring my laptop to the beach, live out of a carry-on or “hustle.”

I live in a small, industrial city with my husband (who also works a remote job) and my cat (whose only job is being perfect). We own a house near a river. We live close to our families. We have a few small side gigs and personal projects. We travel when we feel like it.

I’ve worked remotely for almost three years. There are a lot of benefits, but for me, these are the big ones:

  • No commute. The average person spends almost five hours a week commuting. That’s five hours I can spend exercising, exploring my community or working on side projects.
  • Better opportunities. I live in my hometown so I can be close to my family. But, it’s an economically-depressed area where they pay a pittance for the kind of work I do. Expanding the geographic area where I can work enables me to find higher-paying, more challenging and more valuable work.
  • Travel flexibility. I did the digital nomad thing for six months, lugging my laptop around the world in a carry-on. Now, my husband and I spent about six to eight weeks a year travelling, working as we go or purely for vacation.
  • Every day savings. Working in an office usually means having to buy clothing specifically for work. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a year just on clothing meant for work. I also don’t spend money on things like lunches, gas money for commuting, parking, etc…
  • Health. Because I don’t commute, I instantly win back 5 hours a week to spend at the gym. And that’s exactly where that time goes. Plus, I get to choose when to go for a quick walk and my office furnishings, which include a stand-up desk.

I started this blog so I can share my remote work story, reveal some of the best practices that have emerged from my experience as a full-time remote worker and offer helpful guides on how to find remote work, rock a remote job and be at home – at work.